The Best Donuts in New York Are at Fan Fan in Bed-Stuy

Fany Gerson is on a mission to rebuild her empire.
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AvatarVallery Lomas

When we asked Great American Baking Show winner Vallery Lomas which dish she’d like to feature for her episode of Best Dish Ever, she chose something she knows extremely well: The doughnut.

Lomas won the doughnut category during the months-long competition. So when she chose the Danny Boy from Fan Fan Doughnuts, we knew it had to be good.

We didn’t know how good.

The genius behind Fan Fan Doughnuts is Fany Gerson, a woman who is no stranger to the world of doughnuts.

Gerson started the famous Dough Doughnuts but ended her relationship with Dough in 2020. Since then, she has been laying the groundwork for her latest venture Fan Fan Doughnuts.

All of the doughnuts at Fan Fan are noteworthy but Lomas says the Danny Boy, with its brown butter caramel and maldon salt is near perfect.

“That hit of Maldon salt is everything,” Lomas said. “It all comes together perfectly.

Gherson, whose family is from Mexico City, says the secret to her fluffy doughnuts is a trick she learned from making churros.

“We steep cinnamon sticks in water, she said.” You can’t taste the cinnamon but it makes a huge difference.”

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